Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Wacky Politician Mugs

So you've probably noticed that campaign parties, when creating ads to bash their opponents, have a knack for finding images of the opposing politician making the most precarious facial expressions. Here is my archive of politicians making goofy faces.

John McCain: Republican presidential candidate, U.S.

Michael Marsh: Constitutional candidate for state treasurer, Oregon

Ross Perot: former presidential candidate, U.S.

Ralph Nader: Peace Party candidate for president, U.S.

Jeff Merkley: Democratic candidate for State Senate, Oregon

Barack Obama: Democratic candidate for president, U.S.

Gordon Smith: Republican candidate for state senate, Oregon

Kim Jung Ill: Dictator, North Korea

Hillary Clinton: Democratic senator, New York

Hillary Clinton 2

Bill Clinton: Democratic former president, U.S.
(This was the only goofy picture of him. The Guy's always posing, even when he's speaking. He probably poses while he sleeps, too.)

George "Chimpo" Bush: Republican former president, U.S.


Anonymous said...

wait, who's running against Kim Jung Ill?

J-Dubb said...


J-Dubb said...

Time eventually won.