Sunday, February 22, 2009

The February 2006 Post

This image was the only thing I posted in February of 06. Each year I seem to go into a lull after the year change where I only have a few posts per month, and then I pick back up again in the summer. February 06 was in such a lull, all I could think of to post was this image of the Windows 2000 paperclip:

So I read some of my original posts last night from when I started this blog back in 05. It was interesting. My posts back then were kind of, um... not very good. Maybe it's just the whole "I am my own worst critic" syndrome, but I sincerely hope my posts have improved over the years. I think they have.

I remember back then, in my writing, I tried to imitate the tone of a local DJ, Tim Savage, who had a show on Portland's 101 KUFO at the time. I'm not so sure the tone translates into writing very well. Funny thing is, I don't even listen to 101 anymore, let alone try to convey the tone of a DJ.

I actually listen to KUFO again and the link is back in the sidebar. I got tired of their main talent (Marconi) a while back, but I've tuned in more recently and I'm liking the people they have doing the shows now days.

EDIT 2: Nevermind; they fired the people I was listening to and hired a bunch of people whom I don't like, as I covered in a later blog post. I no longer listen to KUFO, again, and have removed the link from my sidebar, again. Wow, this is turning into Monty Python. When will "those responsible for the sackings be sacked?"

EDIT 3: I was reading this old blog post, and decided to re-link the sidebar of this blog to KUFO, for old time sake. Of course, I had to go to and pull up a capture of from 2009 on the Wayback Machine, as KUFO has not existed for quite some time, and was long ago replaced by a talk radio station. I'm actually writing this edit about 11 years after having written the original blog post. If you keep reading this blog, you'll learn the fate of KUFO.

Another interesting thing I found is that my very first "Nosferatu" Halloween post, from back in 05, has a new comment that someone just wrote this past December. Makes me wonder what other new comments my old posts have recieved over the years.

While I was at it, I thought I'd conjure up an image of this blog in its very beginning. So here is a picture of pretty much what J-Dubb's Theatre looked like right after it's first post, before it was even called J-Dubb's Theatre. If you click on it, it almost looks like you're viewing the actual webpage in your browser.

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