Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Oregon Sesquicentennial?

Oregon Sesquicentennial
Wow, time sure does fly. First, you settle your oxen lead wagon trains in the fertile woodsy lands near the Pacific Ocean, and next thing you know, you're celebrating your sesquicentennial.

Wait a tic... what the frack is a sesquicen-whatchuallit? Well, I figured; a centenial is 100 years, so a sesqui-centennial must be about 600 years, right?

What!? The U.S. hasn't been around for 600 years, let alone Oregon.

According to the Oregon Lottery commercial I heard on my clock radio this morning, a sesquicentennial is about 150 years.

So, Feruary 14 marked the sesquicentinnial for Oregon.

Over a century ago, Lewis and Clark's trail ended in a place that would eventually become a state, which would house the "wierdest" city in the union. (Florida may be in dispute for this, however.) Interestingly, Oregon may be one of the most obscure states. I have had people ask me, "Oregon? Where is that?" One person even asked me once, upon answering where I was from, "What is that?"

Quick answer would have been, "the wierdest and most secretive state in the union." Seriously though, we're secretive for a reason. Stay the frack out, will ya? Go populate your New York and LA. If too many people move to Portland, it won't be the coolest... erm.. wierdest city in the union anymore. (My family actually migrated here from California when I was 8. Yup, I'm one of those California migrants.)

So anyways, happy sesquicentennial, Oregon.

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