Monday, November 16, 2009

Superstar of the Week is Daniel Baldwin

Wait... what?? Who? Is there really such a person? Superstar of the week has featured many people from celebrities, to news makers, to random people from Google searches. Even puppets and household appliances have been featured. Never before has an imaginary person been featured for Superstar of the Week, right?

Well, believe it or not, Daniel Baldwin is in fact a real person. He is the brother of Alec Baldwin.

You mean that crazy religious guy who stars in B movies and reality shows?

No, that's Steven Baldwin. This is Daniel Baldwin.

But why feature Daniel Baldwin? What has he ever done? At least The Count provides kids with educational entertainment, Don Polinski is some Canadian park supervisor, and the Kenmore washer and dryer set gets your clothes clean. What has Daniel Baldwin done to be featured?

He's Alec and Steven's brother.

We know who they are. Who the hell is Daniel?

Look, you don't have to actually do anything to be Superstar of the Week. All you have to do is exist. I could feature this piece of paper in front of me if I wanted. That doesn't do anything either.

Sure it does. It has provided you with a place to scribble notes and e-mail addresses and has the potential to serve as a paper airplane or waste-basketball.

But Daniel Baldwin breathes and eats. That's something.

Well... that's true.

So it's settled. Daniel Baldwin: he eats and breathes and now he's the Superstar of the Week.


Unknown said...

I looked him up, and he is the only one of the Baldwin bros to not get a Razzie nomination.

Also he's setting up Grilletto Entertainment, a Portland Production Company :)

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