Monday, November 02, 2009

Superstar of the Week Reformat

So, every week during the summer/fall time period, I choose a random person (or inanimate object as in some cases) to feature as the "Superstar of the Week." Basically, I post a picture of the person/object, and that's about it. One thing I've been noticing this time around is that it really waters down my blog in between real posts; especially if I go a week or more without posting anything else.

I started Superstar of the Week when I began this blog as sort of a humor piece... featuring random people for no apparent reason. But then, after the first couple months of blogging, my frequency of posting began to decline, and Superstar of the Week went by the wayside for awhile.

In using Blogger's blog search feature, I've found that the typical blog seems to only last a couple of months. There are a lot of long abandoned ghost blogs out there, and mine had the potential to become one of them. But I decided to stick with it, and I brought back Superstar of the Week a couple of times after long droughts just to show that this blog wasn't dead yet. Eventually, it just became the tradition to bring back the Superstar every summer and let it go by the way in the winter.

Superstar of the Week also came to serve as sort of a filler. In the beginning, it was more difficult for me to think of and articulate ideas to blog about, and this served as a lazy way to show activity on this blog in between real posts. In the last couple of years, however, blog posts have been pretty regular and a lot more outspoken (take this "quick note" on Superstar of the Week for example).

I feel like Superstar of the Week sort of gets in the way of the real posts now... not to mention the joke has run its course. I thought about just doing away with it altogether. I would still have Superstar of the Year and do Superstar of the Week as well as the other weekly features for Halloween week. But instead, I've decided to let Superstar of the Week evolve... From now on, my challenge for Superstar of the Week is to actually write something about the person I'm featuring, turning Superstar of the Week into an actual blog post. I'm guessing readers will appreciate this, as well.

And so, without further adieu, Superstar of the Week this week is...

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