Tuesday, January 01, 2019

2008 to 2018

As far as J-Dubb's Theatre goes, 2008 was, for the most part, a continuation of 2007. Nothing special. Just a carry over from the previous year: blogging, YouTube videos, Superstar of the Week in the Summer.

 Towards the end of the Summer, I filmed a continuation of The Network series. The Network series, in 2007, involved my friend, Jon, playing the part of "The Executive", an etherial network executive, who was making YouTubers disappear, so that the television networks could replace them with their own puppets. In the 2008 series, The Executive, revealed to be named "Belphegor", came back and possessed me in order to recruit YouTubers to help him create a new network. This was originally supposed to be a promotional thing, where I would post video responses to YouTubers, Belphegor, now played by me, recruits them into the new network. This was intended to expand my own YouTube network. However, I turned out to be incredibly busy with college and and internship, and didn't have time to make all the video responses. I ended up posting videos once a month, which continued the Network Series. The series, which was intended to be a Summer series, ended up running into 2009.

YouTube-wise, things were starting to change. As I mentioned in my previous post, there was  a lot of ill sentiment starting up between the YouTube community, and the YouTube corporation. YouTubers were starting to feel thrown under the bus in favor of a few handpicked "stars". The coup de  gras, was "YouTube Live", a livestreamed  YouTube event, which combined YouTube celebrities with mainstream celebrities. Going into 2009, "The Network" was starting to become a little too real.

In life, I was studying Web Design, which was my third major after psychology and graphic design. I spent a lot of time with my friend, Jon, or my friend Mike, or my sister and niece and nephew. In September, I attended my 10 year reunion, and spent the day with my old highschool friends: the afore mentioned, Jon, Kenny, and Adam, who would end up moving back into the area the next year. At the end of the year, I finished college.

10 years later, the year began with my last YouTube video, a montage of every video I had uploaded over the years. I did not originally intend for it to be my final video, but when the decision came, it  turned out to be a perfect conclusion.

This year has had the most change out of the last several years. I started off by getting engaged. I've been learning business and investment strategies, and consequentially, have finally been able to move on from the retail job  I had been trying to leave for many years. I've worked in insurance, and am now providing tech support for a financial software company. Jon and his wife Francesca, have been raising their first child, Finley, for the last few years. Adam lives with his wife, Stephine, and step daugher, Anna, and my sister lives with her partner, her three kids, and  my nephew is in the  middle of his senior year. My niece lives with her boyfriend, Josh.

To conclude this blog post: 10 years ago, I concluded my new year blog post with a video titled, "Night of the Rose City", set to a rendition of the song "Shadow of Your Smile". So, that's  why I have chosen the song  for the background of  this video montage.

Also, I finished that blog post, stating that 2009 would be the last year of my 20s, after which I would begin the "infamous three oh". So... you know what that means for this year.

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