Thursday, June 04, 2009

YouTubers Eat Carl's Jr.'s Portabello Six Dollar Burger

Sponsored videos are not new to YouTube. From Levi's viral web commercial to the notorious Nalts, ever since the coinage of the term, "YouTube celebrity", companies have sought out ways to capitalize on this new potential for publicity. Even J-Dubb's Theatre is sponsored by Jack Daniel's... Well maybe not yet... but I'm sure they'll catch on sooner or later.

This past week, several prominent YouTubers have produced commercials for Carl's Jr.'s portabello six dollar burger on their YouTube accounts, including Smosh, iJustine, sxePhil, Cory Mr. Safety, and several others. Overall, I'd say it's an interesting way to see these video producers put their talent to use.

Of course we'll be seeing the proverbial, "they've sold out" response. But personally, I find it interesting to see these independent content creators, whom I've watched from their beginnings, creating this sponsored content in their own unique styles. Of course, I'm generally more interested in observing how things develop over time than in freaking out over changes.

I think my personal favorite is Smosh's video. I was watching Smosh before I even had a YouTube channel (and JDubbsTheatre wasn't my first channel). It was also interesting to see sxePhil inject his commercial into the middle of his vlog the way he would any other topic. It reminds me of when a radio personality will break into a commercial during their show, giving it their own familiar personality. Overall, I can honestly say I am now hungry for a Carl's Jr. portabello six dollar burger. (For payment, I can be contacted via my YouTube channel, wink wink.)

You can find each of these videos featured on Carl's Jr.'s channel.

And keep an eye out for the eventual sponsorship of J-Dubb's Theatre by Jack Daniel's. Mmm, Jack Daniel's original Tennessee sour mash whiskey. Enjoy the adventure of trying to figure out, "How in the hell did I get here?"

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